First People

Unless anyone can provide a photograph or other evidence of any earlier artefact from this area, our story appears to start in the Middle Stone age (The Mesolithic) between about 10,000BCE and 4,000 BCE (before the Christian Era) when, for survival, humans moved from place to place as hunter gatherers following the seasonal availability of sources of food.

In good times, fish, wildfowl and shellfish would have been available from the nearby rivers to eat with native roots and berries, but it was still worthwhile to make trips into the deep woods of Daws Heath and Thundersley when the hunting was good if the people wished to thrive.

[More local information (and photos) about this and later periods can be found in Robert Hallmann’s book, “Thundersley and Daws Heath – A History”, published by and available from the Hadleigh & Thundersley Community Archive].

In 2013 and 2014, local students dug small test pits in Daws Heath under the supervision of Dr Carenza Lewis of Access Cambridge University under the Higher Education Field Academy.

Evidence was found of the New Stone Age (Neolithic) Period, if not earlier.

A flint blade found at Daws Heath in 2014

A flint blade found at Daws Heath in 2014

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