First Settlers

In 2013, local students dug small test pits in Daws Heath under the supervision of Dr Carenza Lewis of Access Cambridge University under the Higher Education Field Academy. They struck lucky at about 800mm below ground in the valley between The Deanes School and Little Havens when a dark circle appeared within the yellow sand forming the natural geology at that level. This was the site of a post hole where a structural timber post had rotted away and later the hole filled with earth.

Most excitingly, a worked piece of flint was directly on top of the post hole. This could only have been dropped onto the area after the hole had first filled, enabling the posthole to be dated to the late Neolithic or Early Bronze Age and thus provide evidence of the earliest known structure ever found in Daws Heath.

The jury is still out as to whether the structure may have been part of an early dwelling or part of a farm building or fence, but it does appear to indicate early more permanent settlement in this area.

Other worked flints found nearby seem to indicate a settlement in the valley on the sides of the stream then flowing among the woods that once dominated this area.



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