Iron Age


Iron Age Cremation Urn Found Near Sayers Farm - Photo courtesy of the Colchester Museum

A complete pottery vessel found in Hadleigh from the Iron Age was found on Salvation Army land in 1936. This was submitted to Colchester Museum. The museum describes this as a Belgic cup, 90mm high with a 135mm girth at its widest.

COLEM_1936.1060aLeft is another large piece of pottery from the same collection.

[Above photos are by courtesy of the Colchester Museum. For more information about the Colchester Museum, visit their website at]

Another Iron Age Hadleigh find was made at the time of a dig in the High Street to the south of St James-the-Less in 1968


BRIEF PROVISIONAL REPORT L. Helliwell : D. G.Macleod, Prittlewell Priory Museum, Southend-on-Sea, 17 SEP 1968

Relevant extracts of the report read: “The excavations on the site of the recently demolished cottages, immediately south east of Hadleigh Church were far more successful than we had ever anticipated in terms of knowledge gained and material found, and provided not only evidence of human ocupation from the early medieval period to the present day, but also, and more unexpectedly, of a ditch and rampart defence of the tiny village area.

Even earlier occupation of the site is suggested by the fact that the rampart, at its northern end, covered and embraced an earlier mound of gravel in which was a human burial, which is provisionally dated, by the evidence of a fragment of iron pin, to the Early Iron Age;   further human bones were found in the ballast used to make the rampart.

Whilst we are confident of the broad datings given above, some amendment may be forthcoming when the pottery finds, etc. have been washed and examined in detail.” [Unfortunately, no final report was ever published. NB Subsequent records appear to indicate that the Iron Age skeleton may have, in fact, been Saxon!].

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