For many years, the assumption was that apart from a possible Roman fortlet scheduled as a monument seen from an aerial photograph, there was little to indicate any Roman settlement in Hadleigh. This view changed in 2015 when a test pit dug into the front lawn of the United Reformed Church showed up 5 small fragments of Roman pottery above and below a compacted pebbled surface.

Could the surface be part of a Roman road or trackway or the first observed signs of a Romano-BritishTP 10, C4 farmstead in Roman Hadleigh?

[Photo to left of all pottery found at that level, by courtesy of Access Cambridge Archaeology]

in 2015, a total of 12 test pits were excavated in Hadleigh under the direction of Dr Carenza Lewis as part of the Higher Education Field Academy run by Access Cambridge Archaeology. A single sherd of Roman pottery was also found at that time in Castle Lane.

[See for a link to the full 2015 pottery report]

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