A Welcome to our Museum

Residents have for years wanted a museum so that their children can better understand their local heritage, but real museums are expensive to manage and all too soon run out of space.

Artefacts then have to be stored out of sight, boxed up, sometimes hundreds of miles away.

A small number of fortunate local communities are lucky enough to get hold of a suitable property and have someone with the drive and time to make them a reality, but most parishes have to rely on occasional mentions in the larger museums in the wider area.

So it has been so far for Hadleigh and Thundersley, two parishes in South East Essex, linked by a local community archive website, set up with Heritage Lottery funding (see http://www.hadleighhistory.org.uk). Such a website is excellent for offering glimpses into local history and archaeology, but this virtual museum hopes to go one step further and eventually provide a repository for local artefacts until the dream of a local museum building becomes a reality.

This museum is at a very early stage and very incomplete, but thanks to a Heritage Lottery Fund “Sharing Heritage” grant in 2015, we are starting to gather a few photos from local museums to add to our own finds pictures for a pop-up museum to display at local fairs.

Please enter our museum (by clicking on the other tabs) and take a look around and see what we have gathered so far.

AGES Archaeological & Historical Association

[For AGES AHA  Facebook page, click this link]

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